Are you ready for the most exciting niche in hypnosis?

The sexual freedom hypnosis programme is for Hypnotherapists ready to make a huge difference to their clients lives and relationships in a niche few people have the skills or confidence to work in. Being a sexual freedom hypnosis practitioner can help YOUR business become a global one!

Advanced Niche Hypnotherapy - BE DIFFERENT!

A true niche makes you different from your competition, it is way more than a specialism! Currently there are not enough hypnotherapists working effectively within the niche of sexual freedom. Are you ready to take the opportunity and be part of this rewarding niche and grow your business?

Train with a leading expert

Advanced training


To take this advanced hypnotherapy training in sexual freedom and sexual dysfunctions with Kaz, you must already be a hypnotherapist.  Kaz's training takes your skills to the next level and beyond.  If you are looking for training as a hypnotherapist, please drop us a line and we will send you our list of recommended schools.

Training from a full-time therapist with 35,000 hours of clinical experience


All of Kaz's methods and treatment protocols are derived from years of use in the sexual dysfunctions area.  This is real life hypnosis for therapists wanting to specialise in an exciting and a diverse therapy area.

Post training support


Kaz can help you establish yourself in this therapy area; and provide ongoing mentoring, updates and marketing support.  On completion of the course (providing you are insured) your details will be listed in our database for clients to search.

Advance the modern way!

The sexual dysfunctions market is worth 7.7 Million Dollars!

Up to forty percent of your existing clients have a sexual dysfunction!


In fact recent studies have shown that up to thirty percent of men and forty percent of women have a sexual dysfunction, most  people have no idea where to go for help or the help available to them is very old fashioned and based on very outdated theories of human sexuality and norms.

Sexual freedom is one of the most rewarding, interesting, lucrative and unsaturated hypnotherapy markets.

Sexual freedom has many niche areas within a niche, you may wish to specialise with couples, individuals, L.G.B.T., Kink-friendly, or just cover the whole sexual freedom niche.

Grow your business and change lives


You can be at the forefront of modern hypnosis have a globally reaching business, be part of a supportive network of therapists; and change both your and you clients’ lives for the better.

By taking this specialist workshop you can:

    Facilitate sexual freedom for your clients!
    Create new clients for your business!
    Work in the fascinating area of human sexuality!
     Be Listed as a Sexual Freedom practitioner!
    Have the knowledge, skills, support to work in this area!
    Make a real difference to your clients relationships!
    Have specialist knowledge working with the L.G.B.T. community!
    Obtain specialized knowledge working with the kink community!

Trance protocol for sexual freedom hypnosis

Course Content

Are you ready to T.R.A.N.C.E. ?

The sexual freedom hypnosis frame work is unique! 

Teach and educate

Release guilt and shame

Address trauma

Normalise sexual function

Communication and connection

Enjoyment and permission for pleasure

Kaz will teach you how to use this framework across all the sexual issues covered and provide you with 30+ scripts, protocols and methods to achieve the best outcome for your clients. Most of these methods can also be used in your general practice.

 Kaz also teaches you background knowledge needed, to educate your client you must own that knowledge yourself!

Content also includes

Effective Consultations


  • Taking a sexual history and identifying the issue.
  •  Overcoming embarrassment. identifying sexual misconceptions.
  • Educating the client.
  • Setting expectations and goals.

Male Centred Issues


Psychological intervention of:

  • Testosterone deficiency
  • The 4 types of Ejaculatory Issues
  • Erectile Dysfunction and the impotent mind

Female Centred Issues


Psychological intervention of:

  • Anorgasmia
  • Dyspareunia
  • Vaginismus
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Post Birth issues

Male and female issues


  • Intimacy issues
  • Lack of Libido
  • Lack of arousal
  • Sex and ageing
  • Sexual Confidence
  • Embracing Sensuality
  • Sexual Anxiety
  • The Problem with Porn
  • Overcoming Sexual Hangups



  • Confidence to come out
  • Self acceptance
  • Sexual Identity
  • The Transgender community
  • The transvestite Community

Kinky Friendly therapy


  • What is Kink
  • What is a fetish and when is it a problem ?
  • Kink Friendly Hypnotherapy
  • Understanding consent

SFH Certification Dates

11th and 12th August 2020 at HypnoThoughts Live, Las Vegas, USA

Full price $700

Book before Jan 17th for 20% discount $560

Book before April 1st for 10% discount $630

Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England. 2nd and 3rd of May 2020


Book before 14th Feb for a 20% discount  £560

Book before 31st March for a 10% discount £630

Past students share their thoughts

'Highly recommended"

"Kaz runs some amazing Hypnotherapy courses and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to advance their knowledge and skills within hypnotherapy. I have been very grateful for the training that I have been able to put into practise. Kaz is an experienced trainer who really knows her subject and is able to pass on not only knowledge but also her enthusiasm and passion. I am now working from Harley Street using the techniques that Kaz taught."

"Fantastic course"

"Kaz had a marvelous way of teaching the material and was always open to questions. Her deep understanding of the subject matter was clearly evident,  as was her passion. Fantastic course,  brilliant teacher and reassuring backup support. Thanks Kaz."
Umesh Damania

"Amazing hypnotherapist"

"Kaz  is an amazing hypnotherapist not only that she is a fantastic mentor, she is confident in everything she does and achieves the best results every time, she has given me the support with my own clients and led me in the right direction for the best possible results for my clients. Kaz's teaching method is very concise I love it.  Not only is Kaz my mentor she is my hero and knowing that she is there to support me and my business makes me feel very confident with my own clients."
Ann-Marie Bradley Dip Hyp Cs MIBWRT

"Insight 2nd to none!"

"Kaz has an in depth understanding of her subject, her insight is second to none. Her passion for hypnosis leaves you just needing to get out there and do this stuff" 

"The hypnotists' hypnotist"

" Karen teaches from the perspective of a working hypnotist, her courses are informative and well put together, you leave knowing exactly how are where you would use these techniques"

"Inspiring teacher"

Kaz is a gifted and talented hypnotist and a truly inspiring teacher, generous and unstinting with her knowledge"

Jill Wilson

"You don't just get a technique, you get an education!"

I came to this class expecting to get a technique but what i left with was a complete re-education, i don't think people realise just how much is in this course. 

About Kaz Riley

A leading expert in sexual freedom!

Kaz Riley is a award winning UK based Hypnotist with 20 years and 35,000 hours in clinical practice. She is the creator of sexual freedom hypnosis, which is now taught around the world and is sought after by clients.  Specializing in treating with and teaching hypnosis for Anxiety-related issues and Sexual-related issues including; Fertility, Birth, birth trauma, sexual dysfunctions, sensuality and kink friendly therapy.  Kaz is a registered therapist and adviser to the national coalition of sexual freedom in the USA.  She teaches advanced hypnosis methods internationally as well as teaching as a guest lecturer at  UK universities to midwives, doctors, nurses, and medical students.  She also mentors Hypnotists in 17 countries and has appeared in several newspapers magazines and on TV. Kaz has her own show on the hypnosis 247 live network called Trancing in the sheets.

Relevant commercial and therapy background!

Before making the switch to full-time hypnotist, Kaz worked in Pharmaceutical industry and was involved in the sales and marketing of several blockbuster drugs, including Viagra in the UK

She has an academic background in Biology and post-graduate qualifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis and EMDR. 

Kaz is a mum of two boys and is very dyslexic!

Trancing in the sheets

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